Norman Jamieson has retired as an official of the Tees Active Badminton League after being on the Management Committee for 51 years.


Norman started playing badminton when he was 19 years old at a local youth club. His passion for the game grew during his time in the RAF.

When he left the RAF in 1956, aged 24 years, Norman joined Stockton St Johnís Badminton Club, which played near the old gas works in Stockton.

(Stockton St Johnís BC moved to the Stockton Sports Centre when it opened and renamed the Club as such. Norman ran the Stockton Sports Centre Badminton Club up until its closure in December 2007.)

At the start of the 1956/57 season, Norman was invited onto the Stockton & District Badminton League Committee and was immediately appointed the League Match Secretary.

At the start of the following season, all the officers of the League resigned and Norman was elected as the Honorary League Secretary.

He kept this post for the next 40 years, until the start of the 1997/98 season.

During this period the League went from having two mixed divisions to, in its heyday of the mid 80s, eight mixed divisions, 4 gents divisions and 3 ladies divisions, with a total of 104 teams

For the last 10 years Norman has been the League Treasurer.

During his 50 years in office, the League has changed its name from Stockton & District to Teesside, to Cleveland County & District and more recently to the Tees Active Badminton League.

At the recent pre season League Management Committee Meeting, the League President Ted Mitchell, on behalf of the League, presented Norman with a glass bowl to recognise this massive achievement.

In addition Ted also presented Norman with a certificate from the Mayor of Stockton-on-Tees, in recognition of his 51 years service, as part of the Sports Development Club & Coach Awards.††

Norman will still be involved with the Badminton League, as he has accepted the position of League Vice President.


In the photograph below, Norman is on the right with the League President Ted Mitchell.