United Kingdom Coaching Certificate for Badminton

Introduction to the UKCC

In the past individual sports have been responsible for developing and awarding their own individual coach education programmes. Whilst this method has served sports well for many years, it was increasingly recognised that there was no “standard” for coaching qualifications, which meant that comparing with other sports was difficult and with other industries was almost impossible. As a result coaches may not have always received the recognition that they deserved.

In 2002 one of the recommendations of the Coaching Task Force was that there should be a single recognised coaching qualification structure for all sports. From this came the United Kingdom Coaching Certificate (UKCC); a Government supported endorsement of sport specific coaching qualifications on a five level structure, which would recognise routes for coaching development at each stage of the athlete pathway. There are currently 31 sports involved in the project with the hope that more will join later.

Developed by sport, for sport, the UKCC is creating a UK wide coaching infrastructure dedicated to the development of coaches to the highest level, ensuring that the UK becomes recognised as a world leader in coach development.

How has the UKCC in Badminton been developed?

The UKCC in coaching Badminton has been developed by the UK Source Group which has representatives from Badminton Scotland, Welsh Badminton Union and BADMINTON England, meaning that there will be a single pathway for coaching qualifications throughout the UK. The qualifications have been developed in partnership with 1st4sport Qualifications, who as a QCA recognised awarding body have submitted the qualifications so that they appear on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF).

The development of UKCC qualifications has given Badminton the chance the completely review its coaching qualifications along with the resources to invest in:

• The development of new learning programmes that better meet the needs of coaches in terms of the development of their “How to Coach” skills and well as technical and tactical knowledge.

• New resources to support the courses utilising new technology where possible.

• The development of the current coach education workforce and the recruitment and development of new tutors.

• Processes for quality assurance and verification of qualification delivery and assessment.

What does the UKCC mean for coaches and players?

• Coaches will be able to attain UK wide, cross sport recognised coaching qualifications that will raise the profile of sports coaching at all levels.

• Coaches will receive the very best, most up to date teaching on coaching theory and technical and tactical development

• Competence based programmes – the assessment is ongoing throughout the length of the course, coaching ability will be assessed using a variety of methods, with an emphasis on practical coaching skills.

• A flexible modular based learner-centred approach, with some “How to coach” modules recognised across different sports

• Coaches can specialise at various stages of the player pathway

• Provides a benchmark for employers and deployers of coaches

• A clearer career pathway with increased opportunities for personal and career development

• Coaches will be encouraged to continue to keep their qualification up to date through a series of continuous development opportunities.

How will the UKCC benefit sporting bodies?

• Coach education will be at the cutting edge for each sport

• Access to expert advice and support from sports coach UK

• Consistent standard of coach education between and within sports, and across the UK

• UK Coaching will be recognised as world class

• Great education and coaching will result in great sporting success for coaches and performers.

• There is a greater emphasis on a continuous pathway of coaching development

For more information about the UKCC then please visit www.ukcoachingcertificate.org.