BADMINTON England Coach Education Courses for TEACHERS


Badminton Teacher’s Programme

BADMINTON England are offering a number of courses for teachers and Adults Other Than Teachers who are currently delivering badminton activities in schools, or for those who would like to start delivering badminton activities soon and need some help to get them started.


There are a number of options available to you ranging from coaching courses to junior helper courses:


Coaching for Teachers (Key Stages 1 – 2)

This course combines elements of the BADMINTON England Level 1 coaching course with a huge number of ideas for badminton activities and games.  This course will provide you with the basics of coaching badminton, including an introduction to the different strokes and how to develop them, scoring and the rules as well as loads of ideas for activities and games that you will easily be able to set up with pupils in PE lessons and after school clubs.

Course length: 1 day


Coaching for Teachers (Key Stages 3 – 4)

The core part of this course is the same as the Coaching for Teachers (Key Stages 1 – 2) course, but will involve more technical elements and suitable games and practices for older children.

Course length: 1 day


BIG Orientation Workshops

The BIG programme is a new concept in the delivery of the game, and builds on developing the complex skills of badminton through a solid and complete foundation of movement literacy.  Through delivering the BIG programme, teachers and coaches will be able to focus on the development of proficient badminton players who are also highly competent all round athletes.  The principles of the 7 movements (gait, squat, lunge, bend/flexion, push, pull and rotate/twist), are utilised and reinforced through each subsequent stage of player development, alongside supporting the principles of Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD).

The course is supported by the BIG resource pack.

Course Length: 3 hours


Badminton Junior Helper Familiarisation Course

The Badminton Junior Helper Award (BJHA) familiarisation course is a half day (3 hour) training opportunity for teachers and coaches who want to deliver the Badminton Junior Helper Award.  This is not compulsory but is recommended to ensure a high quality consistent delivery and is essential if the award is to be given at the advanced "Gold" level.

The Badminton Junior Helper Award (BJHA) is aimed at young people from age 13 years upwards.  The course is presented as a series of workshops (Teamwork, leadership, planning a session/activity, Organising, Managing/Planning Events) and is designed to present the early stages of leadership in a fun yet informative way.

Course Length: 3 hours



Funding is available for teachers/AOTTS who deliver Badminton in school who want to attend any of the above courses as part of their personal development.


If you want to know more about the above programme, contact the Regional Officer – Yorkshire & North East, Jo Clarke (07818 570573).