Bisi Activity Programme

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The new Bisi resources give additional support to teachers and coaches in the delivery of fun, high quality badminton for young people aged 4-16 years.  They are a series of Games Ideas and Activities cards available in separate packs suited to appropriate age ranges.  The Bisi resources are designed to run alongside the BIG programme, but unlike BIG will not require any additional training.

The Bisi resources can be purchased in individual packs from BADMINTON Englandís online shop.  Alternatively if you are an affiliated school or SSP then you are eligible for a 10% discount.  To apply for this discount please contact

To complement the Activity Cards, why not take a look at Bisi's range of Talbot Torro rackets.

Bisi Pack A:  KS1/2 (age 4-9)

All sets in the series will be 20 double sided cards displaying warm ups and activities including a wide range of ideas and developments, but do not cover the "how" to do skills, just the activities.

Bisi Pack C:  KS2/3 (age 9-14)

Pack C introduces racket skills and focuses on game based practice and routines. Suitable for children aged 9 to 14 years.

Bisi Festivals

Bisi Festivals are the ideal introduction to badminton for Key Stage 2 children (7-11 years). The festivals activities are designed to provide success for all, and provide the opportunity for differentiation and progression by teachers/coaches.  The festivals also align with the national curriculum by providing opportunities to:

Bisi Festival

These festivals are essential as positive early years experiences lead to increased likelihood of lifelong participation. The festival activities can be downloaded from BADMINTON Englandís website.

Introduction to Basic Techniques & Strokes booklet
This A4 booklet gives instruction on the basic techniques and strokes required to successfully play badminton.  It is indended to be used as a resource for students and young players with a view to increasing their understanding of the badminton game.  Available at £4.99 through BADMINTON Englandís online shop.

Bisi Strokes & Techniques posters
Introduction to basic strokes and techniques.  A set of 10 colour posters for £12.50, which complement the above booklet.  Available through BADMINTON Englandís online shop.