BIG Junior Programme

The BIG programme is a new concept in the delivery of the game, and builds on developing the complex skills of badminton through a solid and complete foundation of movement literacy.

Through delivering the BIG programme, teachers and coaches will be able to focus on the development of proficient badminton players who are also highly competent all round athletes.

The principles of the 7 movements (gait, squat, lunge, bend/flexion, push, pull and rotate/twist), are utilised and reinforced through each subsequent stage of player development, alongside supporting the principles of Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD).

Resources will only be available through attendance of high quality training programmes for teachers and coaches.  If you are interested in attending a BIG Orientation Workshop please contact Sheila Boyes.  

BIG Phase 1:  Yellow (age 3-7)
Establishing Primary Movements
Available now!  Covers early physical literacy. Establishes the pathway with the 7 primary movement patterns (gait, squat, lunge, bend/flexion, push, pull and rotate/twist), through fun activities suitable for 3-7 year olds.

BIG Phase 2:  Green (age 5-8) available 07
Mastering the Components of Functional Development
During Phase 2 these are developed further with specific functional criteria. Continues the pathway through from the primary patterns and focuses on the 6 components of function (planes of movement, momentum control, postural stability, dynamic flexibility, loading and unloading and dynamic balance).

BIG Phase 2 is again delivered through fun activities, appropriate for 5-8 year olds. The first 2 packs provide the introduction to underpin all motor development and provide the foundation for the complete BIG pathway.

BIG Phase 3a:  Blue (age 9-14) available late 07
Traditional ABCs, Strength and Quickness
This pack covers Agility, Balance, Coordination, Speed (ABCs), Strength and Quickness, and focuses on continuing with the development of movement and athleticism.

BIG Phase 3b:  Purple (age 9-14) available 2008
Introducing technical and sport (badminton) specific foundation criteria