4 Nations ParaBadminton Series

English Leg – Stoke Mandeville

May 13-15th. 2011



I hope that everyone is enjoying the English leg of the 4 Nations series here in Stoke Mandeville. This season has had its ups and downs with regard to numbers; much I am sure is connected to the various financial constraints that everyone is facing. However, some notable first have been achieved this season. We have had the biggest PD entry here in England and in Ireland there was the first ever all-amputee doubles match. On average numbers are still good, and even more pleasing is the number of new faces we have seen this season. Hopefully this will continue as the NGB’s get there disability programmes in shape.



For all the categories, except the wheelchair, this will be the last ranking event of the year. The latest rankings will be published on the various websites in the next couple of weeks. This is the first year of the rankings and we will review how things have gone before deciding whether to maintain and develop them further. Your views are always welcome.


Devon Wheelchair Event

Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th June 2011

Broadclyst Sports Centre, Exeter, EX5 3AL

This is the last event of the season, specifically for the wheelchair category. This event caries rankings that will complete the wheelchair list for the year. This is a great event in a great part of the country, so why not make a weekend of it and get down to Devon. Entry forms are available today.


More Coaches Required

The 4 Nations governing bodies are now delivering the Coaching Disability workshop. If any coaches are interested in getting more involved in disability please let your 4 Nations rep know. We would like to continue to increase the base of coaches working in the disability field.


International Matches?

How far are we from staging our first disability international match? Well, not far is the answer. We are sure that in a couple of the categories we can deliver a competitive international fixture. The target is for the 2012/13 season and between now and then we shall even more players to select from.



The English Badminton Association for the Disabled has made great progress since its inception last season. Well done to everyone involved and I would urge any English players to get on board and start supporting the venture. EBAD has newsletter at this event, so please have a read.


Classification – Players and Classifiers

We need some classifiers!!! Up to today we have been surviving on 1 classifier. This is unacceptable; however the task of finding and training up new classifiers for the Physical Disabilities has been a tricky one. There is a possibility that we will deliver a course at the Welsh leg in September, possibly taken by the Sylvia Albrecht from Switzerland, one of the new international classifiers. Basically a PD classifier must have some medical background, i.e. a doctor or physio. If you know anyone who may well be interested, please let me know.




Dates for Next Year’s 4 Nations ParaBadminton Series


Wales                     September 9-11th. 2011 (CardiffInstitute of Sport Wales)

Ireland                   November 18-20th. 2011 (Lisburn Rackets Centre)

Scotland                February 17-19th. 2012 (Scotstoun Sports Centre, Glasgow)

England May11-13th, 2012 (Provisional date / venue tbc)         


ParaBadminton World Federation

On Friday June 3rd. 2011 in Dortmund, Germany the ParaBadminton World Federation (PBWF) will stage an EGM to agree it’s full integration into the Badminton World Federation. This has taken some time, but has been an essential step in providing a solid administrative base as well as long term development and performance support for the sport. ParaBadminton will now become a commission within BWF with 7 members, 3 from BWF and 4 from PBWF. A long and short term development plan is being produced and I am sure an extreme amount of work will be carried out over the next few years. The ParaBadminton website will outline all new developments in due course.


ParaBadminton Europe

Norman Greenhouse (Wales) is the secretary for the new ParaBadminton Europe committee. Norman is currently working on a newsletter for all the European nations, outlining the vision for the committee over the coming months. Derek Batchelor (England) is the Chairperson of the committee, so there is a strong contingent from the 4 Nations. The next European Championships are in 2012 and I really hope that players from the 4 nations will make up a big percentage of the event. It’s our chance to show people that we have ‘Performance’ athletes capable of winning medals.


The 4 Nations ParaBadminton Working Group


Chair                      Lyndon Williams

Scotland                                Alex Bird / Christine Black

England                 Tom Webster / Derek Batchelor

Ireland                   Fearghal Kearney

Wales                     Gareth Walters / Norman Greenhouse / Fiona Ried


The 4 Nations ParaBadminton Working group exists as a think tank for the development of the series and on a wider scale the development of Disability Badminton across the 4 Nations. The group can change is size and membership depending on the governing bodies wishes. Should anyone have any views, comments or suggestions on anything relating to Disability Badminton, this should be directed at your respective governing body. If required they can bring it to the 4 Nations group, however I must stress that the development of the sport is the responsibility of each of the 4 nations and they have their own individual development plans and programmes.


We are all looking to develop the sport in anyway we can, so please help us do this by sharing your views.


Finally, on behalf of the 4 Nations ParaBadminton Working Group I would like to say a special thank you to ALL the players. The level of competitiveness and sportsmanship has been truly outstanding throughout the series. This weekend has been yet another shining example of sportsmanship of the highest level.  We are all extremely proud of each and every one of you for promoting badminton in the best possible way.


Lyndon Williams


4 Nations ParaBadminton Working Group