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Welcome to Scotstoun, Glasgow and this seasons Scottish Championships. Once again we have a great entry with around 90 competitors. I expect the standard to be very high and  I am pleased to see the majority of our Worlcd Championship medallists in action. More on that in a minute. Even though the Worlds was a major target for a number of the PD players, once again many things have been going on across the 4 Nations in a neverending quest to move the sport forward. Fully integrated into the BWF the International body, eyes are firmly fixed bringing the sport up to speed, up to date and in line with other Paralympic sports with the ultimate goal of 2020 Paralympic inlusion More updates later as well as Para-badminton Europes latest developments. At home I am pleased to see the 4 Nations governing bodies making headway in the development of the sport and I shall briefly bring everyone up to date with things. .


World Championship Success – Guatemala November 2011


Without doubt this has to be the greatest acievement to date in the history of Disability Badminton in the 4 Nations. 9 medals returned from Guatemala from a team of 9 players from the 4 Nations. A superb effort by everyone who made the trip. The 4 Nations players who represented us were:


SCOTLAND:           Steven Moodie / Alan Oliver

ENGLAND:             Antony Forster / Bobby Griffin / Krysten Coombes / Gobi Ranganathan / David Follett / Meva Dhesi Singh

IRELAND:               Naill McVeigh


Congratulations to Steven Moodie and Naill McVeigh for their Gold Medals and to all the other players on their

magnificent achievement.  Full reports are still available on the governing body websites.




Since becoming part of the Badminton World Federation, Para-badminton has made a number of very key and

necessary changes. The sport had followed a typical path since its origin in the 80’sand there was a clear need to

modernise the sport and look at things from scratch. More on this later, but for the players in the PD field the changes

to classification and categories are the most relevant. Below I have tried to show as simple as possible the changes

will now come into place.


The classification process was simply inadequate and there were clearly players competiting in the wrong categories.

The new classification process is now thorough, professional and fair and will ultimately restore confidence in the

Players and more importantly on ‘fair’ competition for all. Secondly the number of classes was spiralling out of control

and at International level this had already reached 13. Thankfully this has been caught in time and is now back to 6.


Hopefully everything below will be clear…


4 Nations Para-badminton Scottish Championships 2012.


Some of you may be aware that there have been some changes at International Level (BWF) relating to classification and also some rules for the Physical Disability categories. There are no changes to the Learning Disability categories.


As the Scottish Entry form was distributed before these changes were agreed, the Scottish Championships will be run as per previous 4 Nations events.


Players who have been re-classified internationally (at the World Championships in Guatemala) will be allowed to start competing in their new class immediately.


ALL players in the Physical Disability categories will need to be re-classified under the new  regulations. This will be done either at your next International event or at the English 4 Nations Para-badminton Championships.


For us, the English Championships will be the first 4 Nations Para-badminton event that will endorse all the new classifications and rule changes from BWF.


For your information the changes to classifications and rules have been explained below. Please read carefully and if you have any questions please contact me and I will do my best to answer.


NOTE: This will become active for us from the 4 Nations English Championships 2012 and with immediate effect at International level.




At 4 Nations we currently use the old system of:





Standing 1 + 2 (Half Court)

Standing 3 + 4 + 5 (Full Court)

Dwarf 1 + 2


The New system compared to our old would be:


Old                                          New


WC 1 + 2                                 =        WH1 (New rules - Standard height net / tramlines in on service)

WC 3                                       =        WH2 (New rules - Standard height net / tramlines in on service)

Standing 1 + 2                       =        S3 (Half Court)

Standing 3                            =        S4 (Full Court)

Standing 4 + 5                       =        S5 (Full Court)

Dwarfs 1 + 2                           =        SS6 (Short Stature)

Basically we still have 2 categories in the WC (now called WH), the standing again does not change much and Dwarfs have just the one class.


The use of plus points will now disappear in all classes from the English leg.


Also, there are new rule changes for the 2 Wheelchair classes:

Net Height - the net height for wheelchair shall move up to the standard net height. This is an experimental rule change for 2 years.

Wheelchair - Tramlines are now 'IN' on service in all categories.


If you have any questions on any of the above just give me a shout and I shall do my best to clear things up.


2011/12 Rankings


The current rankings after the Irish leg and the Herts wheelchair event should be on display and also available on the various web sites.


English 4 Nations Championship 2012.


Herts wheelchair Events


International Match


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European Championships


Success for Dave and Sharon


Next 4 Nations Meeting



Best Wishes for a great 2012




4 Nations Para-badminton Working Group