NEWSLETTER – September 2010 – WALES


Welcome – New Season – New Developments

It’s great to welcome everyone to the start of a new season. The Dwarfs have already got underway with their Nationals a few weeks ago, and now it is the turn of the first full 4 Nations event here in Wales. As you will see from the information below the 4 Nations Disability Working Group has been busy and I would like to thank everyone involved for putting such time and effort into the sport. This really is an exciting time; we have the Paralympics decision very soon, the new rankings in place, coach education module up and running, a facebook page with over 200 friends and both Wales and England with ‘employed’ disability reps. Things are progressing (I know it’s never as fast as one wants) in the right direction and as Chairperson of the group I am indebted to all the volunteers who work so hard behind the scenes to keep pushing the development forward. I hope everyone has a great weekend in Wales, enjoy and play hard.



Rankings for 2010/11

This season we shall have a series ranking for the first time. The simple system being used is detailed below. After each event the rankings will be updated and placed on the 4 Nations websites and also displayed at each of the 4 Nations events. Please note that this is a SERIES ranking and is not a BRITISH or GB ranking, and thus players must not use this as evidence that they are GB No.1 or any such description.




The following points system will be used for every tournament


Winner                                     60        

Runner-up                                 45        

Semi-Finalist                             30        

Quarter Finalist                         20        

Last 16                                     14        

Last 32                                     10        

3rd in group                                 6        

4/5th in group                              3        


If an event does not take place due to insufficient entries, each entrant will be awarded 10 points.


LD rankings. This will concentrate on those categories taking place at the Irish leg.


Dwarf Nationals

The first dwarf event of the new season took place at Milton Keynes on August 28 / 29. The results from this event will form the first event for the dwarfs on the new 4 Nations Series rankings. Well done to everyone at Dwarfs Sports Association (their new name) for all the great work they do and also for supporting the 4 Nations development with such enthusiasm and commitment. The dwarf development officer, Tim Shepperd can be contacted on e-mail:


Irish Leg – 19-21 Nov. 2010

Entry forms for the Irish leg will be circulated in due course and hopefully will be available here at the Welsh leg.


LD – restricted entry!

You will be aware that the Irish leg will be slightly different this season with regard to the LD category. The 4 Nations series was established to provide a competition programme for LD players on a performance level. All events up to date have provided a platform for all levels to take part, however at the Irish this season we are going to focus on the ‘Performance’ element. The other 3 events shall remain open to all categories.


ParaBadminton World Federation & ParaBadminton Europe

This is crunch time as far as ParaBadminton is concerned. In November the sport will find out if Badminton will become a part of the Paralympics. Badminton is currently 1 of 7 sports looking to take up the 2 spaces available at the 2016 Paralympics. The sports Badminton is up against are:

Basketball for Athletes with ID, Canoe, Golf, Powerchair Football, Taekwondo and Triathlon.

As well as this crucial decision, PBWF are undertaking a large volume of work, as it will soon be fully integrated into the Badminton World Federation. As well as all the constitutional work that is required, a development programme for the sport will be created and then implemented. The sport will be driven forward from International level regardless of whether it becomes a Paralympic sport or not.

ParaBadminton Europe will form a key part of the International development. The new committee is now in place. Key people on the committee from the 4 Nations are:


Derek Batchelor (Eng) – Chairperson

Norman Greenhouse (Wal) – Secretary

Fiona Reid – (Wal) – LD Classifier


Coach Education – Disability Module / Technical group

The Disability Badminton module is now officially up and running. A tutor training course with tutors from each of the 4 Nations took place in Cardiff on 25/26 June. Each of the 4 Nations now has tutors that now need to deliver the course to become fully approved Disability Tutors. Scotland has got underway with their first course taking place on September18/19 in Glasgow. The content and development of the module will come under the 4 Nations Disability Working group and as such a technical committee has been set up to monitor this. Coaches can access the course in any of the 4 Nations and should make themselves known to their respective rep if they are interested.


This is one of the few, perhaps the only, coach education resource in the world which concentrates on Disability Badminton. A big thank you to Wales and in particular Fiona Reid and Norman Greenhouse for developing this resource, which will now form a crucial part of the sports development.


Wheelchair grants and support

Please check out the website below if you are looking for a sports wheelchair. This is directed at junior players, so could be a real benefit for anyone starting out.


Caudwell Children has funding available for specialized sports equipment for talented and gifted disabled children. They need to be 18 and under; a legal resident of the United Kingdom; have a chronic illness or disability; the item needs to be specialized and only for an individual; the gross household income should be £45,000 or less excluding any benefits and they need a letter from a coach confirming they are talented and gifted.

The turn round time is approximately 4-6 weeks when all the required information is received.




The good news is that we have achieved our initial goal of 200 (well, my initial goal!). We must continue to try and increase our Disability network and get more and more people to join the group. As time progresses we shall generate more news items and try to keep more people up to speed with the disability world and all its exciting developments. The next goal – everyone go away and get 5 people to becomes friends of the 4 Nations Disability Group!


Messages from the 4 Nations.


Each newsletter there will be a small update on the main areas of development in each country. Naturally if you wish to know even more then you should contact the governing body reps as listed below.


Wales –

Gareth Wales, a former junior Welsh International has just started as the Disability Development officer for Welsh Badminton. Currently, as he has just started the part-time role, he is collecting some key base line data focusing on players, inclusive and segregated clubs, age and disability of players and amount of players entering local, regional or International competitions.  Hopefully this will identify areas of development and show the strengths and weaknesses of disability badminton here in Wales as well as allowing his work to be measured against existing data. We wish him well and look forward to seeing the results of his work. Gareth will now become part of the 4 Nations Disability Working group.


International Events

Israel Open – November 24-29. 2010 – Tel Aviv

German International – June 2-5. 2011 – Dortmund



Unfortunately we have not been able to produce any 4 Nations t-shirts. We are still working on this and hope to get something on offer before the end of the season.


4 Nations Disability Working Group

The next meeting will take place on October 7th in Cardiff. Should anyone have any points they wish to be raised please feel free to e-mail me or contact your National Governing Body rep.


England – Tom Webster                       -

Ireland – Sandra Lynch             -

Scotland – Alex Bird                            -

Wales – Gareth Walters                        -

Chairperson – Lyndon Williams            –